Your “Pre-Flight” Checklist

1. Feel free to collect magazines and review our Pinterest boards to inspire you but please understand that it may not be possible to precisely recreate the looks you see. It is better to look for a ‘mood’ than actual shots as all photographers are different and coming into the shoot with a list of shots you want is going to make the flow of the shoot more difficult and take time which you may not have.

2. Just say no to spray tans!!! Orange is not sexy! Having a tan can look great, but do not spray tan or go to the tanning bed right before your shoot. Let your tan fade just a little to let you have a more natural look, plus it lets any tan lines fade just enough!

3. Preparation and taking care of your skin! This kind of goes along with no spray tans but there is more to think about. Moisturize! Shower and pat the skin dry and then use lots of baby oil! It will absorb into their skin and be as smooth as can be! Also, wear loose clothing before the shoot to avoid lines. Try to avoid antiperspirants which leave residues or white powders

4. Get a manicure and a pedicure! Their hands and feet are going to be in the shots too! Sexy lingerie and chipped nails just do not go together!

5. Make it personal! Think about what you or your significant other just loves about your body! Maybe it’s something obvious like “he’s a butt guy” or maybe it’s something like he loves it when she wears his t-shirt and nothing else or loves the curve of your back. Personal is sexy!

6. Bring a friend! A friend cannot participate in the shoot but they can be a great support system! Everyone needs a cheering section every now and then.

7. Go shopping! Nothing is more excited than new lingerie!

8. Don’t forget the shoes! Bring your favorites, high heels for the win! Classic sexy high heels (black/nude) are always in style and show off your legs to their best advantage.

9. For the classic looks choose stockings but be careful with thigh highs! These can squeeze the top of your leg and make an unsightly bulge. Garter belts or just plain stockings always look great.

10. Bring Jewelry – If you have something specific that you really like don’t forget to bring it along.

11. Some people think that nerves are best overcome with a quick nip of something strong! Please do not drink before the shoot. The shoot may have to be canceled if the client has been drinking beforehand! This is for your protection and ours. We’ll celebrate afterward!

12. Drink water and make sure to have something light to eat before the session. You don’t want that sexy look in you eyes to be hunger.

13. Enjoy it! It’s going to be fun!

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