Why Hire a Boudoir Photographer?

With the advent of cameras in iPads, iPhones and all sorts of different tablets, why would you hire a boudoir photographer? Wouldn’t it be easier to just do it at home? My friend was asked her sister to do some boudoir shots for her upcoming wedding. Having seen Apples latest set of adverts, which would have you believe you’ll produce professional results with your iPhone, she thought it would be easy and cheap to do them at home. Luckily for her, my friend was sensible enough to point her in my direction for a proper shoot. The results spoke for themselves and she could not have been more happy with the photo book we produced for her. If it was as simple as using a phone and just clicking you would not see professionals investing several thousand dollars in equipment including specialist lenses, lighting, backgrounds and cameras. I have invested many, many hours in training and I have attended courses run by some of the top industry professionals in order to gain experience and the skills necessary to make the images that make my customers feel beautiful and special. Some of the courses I have taken:
  • Sue Bryce – Portraiture (5 days)
  • Jen Rozenbaum – Boudoir Photography (10 days)
  • Nikon Official – Creative Lighting System (3 days)
  • Matt Granger – Taking Control of Light (5 days)
  • Matt Granger – Intimate Portraiture (5 days)
  • Kelly Brown – Newborn Photography (3 days)
  • Lindsey Adler – Posing and Lighting for portraits (5 days)
  • Aaron Nace – Phlearn – Photo retouching 101 (4 days)
  • Aaron Nace – Phlearn – Photo retouching 201 (4 days)
  • Aaron Nace – Phlearn – Photo retouching 301 (4 days)
As a general rule, there are certain key elements that make good photographs. Posing, Focus, Lighting, Composition – even the inverse square law! Having some understanding of these concepts leads to better pictures and happier clients so yes, you can take some nice pictures at home, you can even take them with an iPhone but I think you’ll get better results and be happier with the results by going through a trained and professional photographer who specializes in a subject area such as boudoir. We’re here, just waiting for your email.

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