Thoughts on confidence

Thoughts on Confidence

Seeing our clients confidence grow is the best.

It’s a long weekend but still a busy one with a couple of sessions to work on. It’s a fantastic job I have,  taking the photographs and the working with the clients. It’s always so much fun to see the moment that the inner Diva surfaces. The “Hell yeah! I’m sexy” moment! It’s normally after a couple of shots have been taken and I share the image with the client just as a brief preview. There’s a noticeable difference after that moment, confidence builds and it shines through in the images.

Just for fun, when we reveal the images to our clients (after we have done all the work to ensure all the images look as good as they possibly can) it’s nice to show the first shots that were taken and compare them to the final shots. There’s such a contrast. From the slightly nervous “Can I do this” to the confident and sassy “I’ve got this!”.

It’s a change we really enjoy watching and it’s helped along by a couple of things. Trust in us and our abilities to make some beautiful images with you as the start of the show. It’s a little nerve-wracking to do a boudoir shoot, we get that. It’s not something you do every day and it’s the perfect time for every one of your body insecurities to bubble up to the surface. It’s, therefore, a real privilege to have you put your trust in us to work with you and to create something you will love. And secondly, our fantastic team. Susan the studio manager who looks after all the little details and our hair and makeup artist work together to make sure your session goes smoothly and it’s a great experience. You only have to read the comments to see they are a fantastic team.

Joining these together gives an unforgettable experience and a fantastic set of memories that you will always treasure. We look forward to working with you. Contact us to find out more and book a session.

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