There’s always an excuse not to!

I can’t possibly do a boudoir shoot because I need to lose weight.

-Every Woman Who Ever Lived.

This is one of the most common things I hear from people about boudoir photography and it’s a great excuse to have and a really good way to never do a session. There’ll always be that last couple of pounds before you reach (in your opinion) your ideal weight. The art of the photographer is to bring out your beauty and, to a much lesser extent, to hide your perceived flaws. So if you think you have a problem area, we’ll work with you. Sometimes to realize that it is not actually a problem area when you see the photos you may well realize that you were worrying over nothing! Trust us, nobody is more critical than you are and nobody worries more than you do. Our advice is to relax, take a deep breath and schedule a boudoir session. The actual booking of a session will give you the impetus to do the thing you’ve been putting off.

I can’t get naked in front of someone. I’d be far too embarrassed!

-Almost Everyone

Boudoir photography is not nude photography. Everyone has a different comfort level but 99% of the time you’ll have more clothes on then you would for a warm day at the beach. Of course, if you want to push the boundaries of your comfort level a little bit we’ll support whatever you want to do but we’ll never try to push you to do more than you are absolutely comfortable with. Boudoir can be sexy, provocative, beautiful and edgy, it has as many facets as there are people and we’ll help you to find your look while we produce beautiful results that you’ll treasure forever. So our advice is to relax, take a deep breath and schedule a boudoir session. (Where have I heard that before?)

It’s OK for these supermodels but I have a job, kids and can’t spend 8 hours a day at the gym!

-Everyone (Except Giselle!)

This is the same for everyone and everyone has the same issues they are dealing with in one way or another. Be it cellulite or stretch marks or a mole in the shape of Gibraltar everyone has something. We’ll work with you through posing, wardrobe and multiple techniques to ensure that you are happy with the results and that, at the end of your session you have results which you will absolutely love. So, take a break from wondering if your arms will look too fat, too skinny too long or too short. Take a break from being self-conscious about those tiny things that nobody else really notices and take a deep breath and schedule a boudoir session. You’ll be glad you did and whoever you share the images with will love them as well.

I’d love to do a boudoir session but I’d be embarrassed to show them to anyone.

-A Lot More People Than You’d Think!

Firstly, you are going to get a set of beautiful images which we are sure you’ll love and actually want to show people! Maybe not everyone – we doubt you’ll be walking around Shaws or Stop and Shop showing random strangers your boudoir photos (but if you do, be sure to tell them where you got them taken!). You’ll love to show these to your close friends, significant others etc. and almost all of the photos you take will be Facebook safe! That means that you could, if you so desired, share them on Facebook and they would not be censored. Again, we may suggest that’s the wrong medium to share them but you could if you wanted to. There’s nothing embarrassing about beautiful photos. Most clients get a huge confidence boost out of seeing the results and we’ll be sure to have a few anonymous shots if you want to share those. So, can you guess the next bit? Yes!! take a deep breath and schedule a boudoir session, you’ll be super pleased you did!

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