Six Reasons to Book a Boudoir Session

  1. YOU’LL LOOK AMAZING Just imagine a day where you get to have your hair done, your makeup done, then play dress up in clothes that make you feel amazing and, on top of all that, have a professional photographer capture the moment. It all adds up to some of the best images you’ll ever have of yourself and, with professional retouching, finishing and printing you’ll have a set of amazing images which you’ll look back on for years to come. 2. IT MAKES A GREAT GIFT. After a boudoir session, you get to look at the images and work with us to pick out your top images to either receive as prints or as a beautiful high-quality photo book.Gift wrapped and presented this makes a gorgeous gift for the special someone in your life. Whoever you give it to will be amazed by it or, just keep it for yourself! 3. IT MAKES FOR GREAT MEMORIES! A photo book is a beautiful memento to browse through in the years to come. Everyone should have such wonderful memories and we’ll be honored to help you to create them. 4. WHO DOES NOT LIKE TO SHOP? Oh no! You may have to go shopping! Of course, you may have everything you need already but I won’t tell if you don’t! Anyway, you’ll definitely want to get a manicure and a pedicure which must be just down the road from that fantastic lingerie store (See our recommendations) and just having a browse would not do any harm would it? Go on!! Pamper yourself, you don’t do it often enough anyway. 5. TO CELEBRATE A MILESTONE So, you just had a birthday, an anniversary, ran a 5K, lost 5 lbs, Saw a fantastic episode of CSI, built a tree house or planked for 30 seconds without crying. Whatever the milestone it qualifies. Of course, there’s another milestone coming up which is also the excuse not to book the session but don’t let it be. If you always wait for the next milestone, the next 5lbs or the next birthday you’ll never book a session. Trust us, we know how to make you look amazing and how to flatter your body type, so celebrate the now, not the next year! 6. IT’S FUN! A day for pampering and dress up is always fun. A day to look forward to and a day where you are the star of the show for a few hours of fun. The session itself is fun and you’ll be amazed that once you book it you start to look forward to it, to get excited by the prospect and to count the days. You’ll be amazed how fast the time goes by before you are on the way to the special day and the memories that follow.

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