What do I need to bring with me?

That’s a great question. Depending on your session type you’ll have a number of outfit choices but we’d recommend a couple of extras anyway for a final game day decision.

Obviously, you’ll want your favorite bra and pantie sets which are a staple. Make sure they fit well, and more importantly, that you feel sexy wearing them. You’d be amazed how much of that will show through in your pictures. It’s always recommended to get professionally fitted. A majority of women are wearing the wrong size, and a proper fit will enhance your shape and fit more comfortably. You can also get some suggestions on what styles would flatter you most. If you look at our web site we list some of our favorite brands.

Variety is the spice of life, so bring a few sets as well as some luxury lingerie, teddies, rompers and stockings and garter belts are all great choices. Think color. We all have that sexy black set, but what about red, white, coral or even a royal blue? If you don’t have it then now is the time to think about a shopping trip!

Have you always wanted to try something more daring? How about a corset or a bustier? This is the perfect occasion! If you’re smaller than a C, look for the type with built-in cups. The kind without may flatten you, and we want the girls to look their best.

Are you a smaller cup size? Bras with lace at the top of the cup can add the look of a full cup size to your photos.

Shoes? Heels and maybe some sexy boots. In this case, the higher the heel – the better. Heels help elongate your legs. Nude color goes with many outfits, and black is oh so classic, but don’t forget colors or even bling. This is your chance to have fun! I’d stay away from platform or wedges. Think classic sexiness.

Is this a gift for him? Why not bring something of his?! One of his dress shirts with a tie, his favorite team jersey, hat or game ball. Maybe order a team jersey with your name on it. Is he a Southern boy? Why not don your cowboy boots with a sexy outfit? Yee Haw!

Sometimes more IS more. That sexy spy look requires a tailored trench coat and heels. Look through your closet for a lace or translucent blouse. Even a soft sweater that can go off the shoulder can make for an intriguing look when worn with a pretty pair of panties.

Don’t forget the bling. Bring your favorite rings, earrings, and necklaces. A statement necklace can really make a photo pop, too. Long necklaces are great props and shorter ones can add some drama. We will have some costume jewelry available but if you have a favorite piece don’t forget to bring it.


We will have robes, but you are certainly welcome to bring your own and you may want to bring a comfy pair of slippers for after your shoot. If you’re like me, you don’t wear high heels on a regular basis. You might want to have a pair to slip into as you relax after the session.

We will also have water and some soft drinks as well as something to celebrate with after the shoot! If you have any special requirements make sure to pack them up.

Feel free to ask any questions. This is your time to have fun, and it is our job to capture your beauty. Check out our Pinterest boards for more ideas.

Our Pinterest boards are available for ideas and inspiration. Take a look and get inspired!

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