Number one on the bucket list – A Boudoir session

We are told by a lot of our clients that a boudoir session was right at the top of their bucket list. The list which used to have sad implications but now it’s just a set of things which need to be experienced and along with some other notables,  a professional boudoir session is close to the top for a lot of you.

However, like many of our list items, we often don’t achieve them. Things, life in general most of the time, get in the way and the list gets ignored. Relegated to a wish or even a regret for not having seized the chance. Carpe deim and all that.

Some missed items are completely understandable – some of the items on everyone’s list are dreams which were on the edge of reality from the beginning but there are some that are perfectly within reach. Some that you can achieve with very little effort and put a big red line through on the list. A boudoir session is one of them.

Maybe it is stepping outside your comfort zone but that makes it so much more of an experience. Stepping just outside the boundaries and succeeding and having a set of gorgeous images to show for it.  Our client’s reactions are always different, we have tears, smiles and hugs but almost universal is the “I can’t believe I waited, I wish I had done it sooner” and “It was so much fun”.

So, get the red pen out and cross a Professional Boudoir Photoshoot off your list. Use the button below to contact us today and make that bucket list just a little shorter.

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