No time limit on our sessions

No time limit boudoir sessions

A more relaxing and enjoyable session experience

We are always rushing to be on time, to make the next appointment, to pick up the kids or make a deadline. It’s a way of life for all of us. We never have the time to just relax.

We noticed this the other day in a boudoir session when one of our clients asked “How much time do I have left?”. Not that we ever rush our clients, we are always more interested in getting the perfect shots but previously advertised sessions were listed as 2 hours long and, even if we know we can exceed it our clients were not always aware. If a client is worried about time ticking away they are not enjoying the session experience as much as we want them to.

So, in order to give everyone time to breathe and relax we are removing our advertised times for Boudoir sessions. You can be sure we will always work exclusively on ensuring the images are all captured without an eye on the clock so you can relax and enjoy yourself. Does this mean the sessions will all be 5 hours long? No, we don’t think so. Sessions will be generally around the same length they have been but if you feel you need a bit of extra time or want a specific look we have not got to. Or if we feel we need to spend a bit of extra time perfecting an image that we know you’ll love, we’ll do it no matter what the clock says.

After all, it’s all about getting things right for you and you’re worth the time!

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