What is Luxury?

What is Luxury?

Definition: a state of great comfort or elegance, especially when involving great expense.
e.g. “he lived a life of luxury”
So, it seems luxury has to involve great expense, well, according to the definition at least. We think differently! 
We think luxury is spending time doing something you love to do, something that makes you feel special and that gives you the feeling that lasts longer than just getting out a credit card.
Whether it’s a spa, a massage or getting your nails done. All of these can be luxurious if they make you feel good. We would also love to recommend a photoshoot with Burford Studio as a luxurious event. Something that will give you a great boost of confidence and leave you feeling special. Also, something that will give you an experience that lasts longer than most other indulgences. You’ll get a set of beautiful images which you can treasure and look back on as lasting memories.
Book your photo shoot today, Boudoir or Pinup, we know you’ll love the experience.

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Burford Studio was established in the USA. We were a premier studio in the North East of the USA but have now relocated to Glasgow and are looking forward to providing professional boudoir, pin-up and glamour services.

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