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When you want to do something different!

Not interested in the stereotypical night out on the town drinking tequila shots and club hopping for your bachelorette party, but still want to do something risqué for your last fling before the ring? We love the idea of getting your closest girlfriends together for a boudoir photography shoot! It’s the perfect way to do something different and sexy without having to go to a strip club or do something out of control. Boudoir bachelorette parties can be very classy, tasteful and fun for all ladies who attend, so we’re sure it’s going to be the next big thing in the world of bachelorette parties. Still unsure this is a good idea for you? Read on to learn more about boudoir bachelorette parties.

What is a boudoir photo shoot?

Boudoir photography is a hot trend that many brides are choosing to partake in. They dress in sexy outfits and pose in sensual ways to create seductive and exciting images for their recipients – usually the groom-to-be, or themselves! It’s a way to feel sexy and get comfortable in front of the camera while also treating yourself to something that makes you feel good about yourself. Many brides choose to take the images and make a boudoir album to give to their partners as a wedding day gift.

What is a boudoir bachelorette party?

A boudoir bachelorette party is a private photo shoot for all the ladies in the bridal party. Bridesmaids might do mini sessions with one outfit while the bride might have a few outfit changes included as part of the package. Shoots can be done in private rooms or in a common area if everyone is comfortable. Most boudoir photographers will have a hair and makeup artist available, either included with the package or at an additional fee. Wine, champagne and snacks are typically encouraged.

What to bring to a boudoir bachelorette party

When you book a session for you and your girls, clarify with the photographer what is included with the package. Oftentimes, boudoir photographers will have a wardrobe full of outfits and props for you to try on, but bringing your own outfits and shoes is highly encouraged. They typically also have a hair and makeup artist they like to work with, but they might only be available for an additional fee. Champagne, snacks and other food and drink are a good way to stay energized and loosen up for the photo shoot, so ask your photographer if you can provide your own or if they can arrange to have it catered for you. Of course, bring anything that would make you feel comfortable, such as robes, slippers, your favorite music and your favorite makeup!

Planning a boudoir bachelorette party

Of course, the evening will be focused on the boudoir shoots themselves, but that doesn’t mean that your bachelorette party is limited to only that! We love the idea of hiring a limo to drive you around like celebrities all night, from happy hour cocktails to the boudoir shoot, then to a delicious dinner and out dancing all night. Or, maybe you pamper yourselves at a spa with massages and facials before the boudoir shoots so that you’ll be glowing in your sexy pictures. You can also head to the local mall or lingerie boutique to pick out a few outfits to bring to the shoot. There are tons of different activities you can do with your girls in addition to the boudoir sessions to make this a bachelorette night they’ll never forget.

Planning and throwing yourself a bachelorette party that involves a boudoir photography shoot is one of the best ways to get together as a group of girls before the wedding and bring out your confidence and sexiness. You’ll bond over the experience together and each person in the bridal party will leave with a set of photos that they can keep for themselves or gift to their partners. There’s nothing more exciting and alluring than participating in a boudoir photo shoot, so it’s only natural that bachelorette parties have started to branch out into this realm. If you and your bridal party are comfortable and ready to try something new, then a boudoir bachelorette party could be a perfect idea!

Learn more about how to use these special images and create a life lasting memory by designing a unique boudoir album for your best friends as a wedding day gift.

Originally Published by Bridebox Wedding Albums · JUNE 23, 2015

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